Opened in 2016, The Jutland exhibition was originally based at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, presenting visitors with a selection of artefacts and stories from those who served during the decisive battle. Now, the exhibition has ended but the story has not. HMS Caroline in Belfast now present the Battle of Jutland through cinematics, interactive displays and more. Read our FAQs guide on what to expect when you visit the ship and plans for the Jutland exhibition in the future.


What will happen to the artefacts from the original exhibition?

Some of the items on display have been loaned and will return to people accordingly. Other items will return to our collection. These items may be displayed in some capacity elsewhere. One item in particular, the hood bell will be moved to the Hear My Story gallery shortly.

What other resources are there to find out about the Battle of Jutland?

Highly recommended is the Jutland 1916 website where there is in-depth-review of the Battle of Jutland and includes an extensive database of ships, gunnery and signals.. This website is the result of significant research by Mr Nick Jellicoe, the grandson of Admiral John Jellicoe who commanded the Royal Navy’s Grand Fleet at the Battle of Jutland in 1916.