We cannot wait to welcome you to our Blockbuster Exhibition. We want your visit to be enjoyable and hassle free so we have compiled of some of the most frequent questions we receive by email. We have added some additional tips, we hope you find it useful. For anything not covered, let us know!


What will I find out and experience at the Jutland exhibition?

You’ll experience at close quarters what it was like to be on the bridge in the choppy North Sea that day. The exhibition will prompt many questions. such as who won the war? How can this be measured? Was this the greatest naval battle of all time? How does it compare to other battles? What was the lasting legacy?

What other resources are there to find out about the Battle of Jutland?

Highly recommended is the Jutland 1916 website where there is in-depth-review of the Battle of Jutland and includes an extensive database of ships, gunnery and signals.. This website is the result of significant research by Mr Nick Jellicoe, the grandson of Admiral John Jellicoe who commanded the Royal Navy’s Grand Fleet at the Battle of Jutland in 1916.